SharePoint Drag and Drop

Upload files into SharePoint via drag and drop directly via navigation

You can now upload files to SharePoint document libraries or folders directly in our Smarter Navigation via drag and drop.

SharePoint OneDrive Synchronisation

OneDrive synchronization of multiple SharePoint libraries in the navigation

In this article, we will introduce you to the new feature of OneDrive synchronization of several SharePoint document libraries, which you can do directly in the navigation. The user can select several libraries in the navigation via checkboxes, which he wants to synchronize with OneDrive.

SharePoint Navigation Icons: Sichtbarkeit im Dialog festlegen

SharePoint navigation with configurable icons

With this update you get the opportunity to adapt your navigation even more to your own needs. We have implemented some new configuration options for the nodes of the navigation in this version. For example, you can configure your own icons and colors for the navigation items.

SharePoint Urlaubskalender

New SPFx Web Part for a SharePoint vacation calendar and sick leaves

With our SharePoint vacation calendar, your employees can view and manage their vacation and sick leaves. In addition, we also display the vacation entries of all employees, which gives you a good overview of the attendances and absences.

Smarter Advent Calendar

Good-Bye 2022 – we say THANK YOU!

Another year ends and on this occasion we want to say THANK YOU - for a successful and brilliant 2022!

Events Credentials: Dynamic Form

Request additional event registration information when you subscribe

It is now possible to request and save additional registration information when booking an event date. For example, if you are planning a business lunch in your company, it is of course important to know whether someone is coming with or without accompaniment and whether there are special food requests.

Microsoft Planner Times - Record Times

Microsoft Planner – How can I record my times?

How can I easily and intuitively record my time for a Microsoft Planner task. With a small simple Power App.

Smarter Navigation - Navigate through lists and folders in the tree structure at lightning speed

Smarter navigation now available in the Microsoft Store

Our Smarter Navigation is now available in the Microsoft Store! Smarter Navigation is THE solution for navigations in SharePoint Modern UI and helps you map the hierarchical structure of lists, libraries, and folders of your webs.

Notify team about new leads - Adaptive Card in Teams with Deep Link to List Conversation

Notify the team about new leads for CRM automation

Learn how we notify the team about new leads with adaptive cards, deep linking, and list conversations in Microsoft Teams.

CRM automation of Azure Tables

CRM Automation of Azure Tables with Azure Functions

For the CRM automation of Azure Tables, we want to automatically transfer leads from app sales to our Microsoft List.

SharePoint Wiki Navigation: Hierarchical Structure

What is the best way to link SharePoint Wiki pages to each other in the navigation?

With our Smarter Navigation, SharePoint Wiki pages can be easily linked to each other in the navigation. In addition, Smarter Navigation can now also be used on communication websites.

SharePoint Phone Book: User Information

Development of a SharePoint Phone Book Web Part

With our SharePoint phone book, AD groups or security groups can be configured. Their users are automatically displayed. The users can be sorted within a group using drag & drop.

CRM automation with Microsoft 365 and Power Automate

In the first part of our new blog series, learn how we implemented CRM automation with Microsoft 365 and Power Automate.

Increase social interaction on the intranet - Receive and give away free tickets

Increase social interaction on the intranet with the Free Tickets Mode

Our new Free Tickets mode for Smarter Tombola makes it possible to give away tickets and increase social interaction on the intranet.

Buying licenses in AppSource - License management in Microsoft 365

Buying licenses in AppSource – how to manage app licenses

In this post, we would like to show you how to purchase licenses In AppSource, and how you can manage your subscriptions.

Guest registration including 3G proof

Outlook guest registration including 3G proof

You can use our application to check guests in and out into Outlook in a simple and intuitive way. With our latest extension, a guest can now also scan his 3G proof when checking in.

Inspirations for Christmas in the company: IF-Blueprint Inspiration Workshop

Inspirations for Christmas in the company with IF-Blueprint

Our cooperation partners at IF-Blueprint have some inspirations for Christmas in the company with Smarter Advent Calendar for you.

Register Outlook Reception: Add QR Code

Send QR code with Outlook – and simply check in with it at reception

In this post, we'll give you insights into the revision of our application, which allows businesses to register their guests at the reception in Outlook for even more intuitive and easier to use.

SharePoint event bookings with new calendar view

In this article, we would like to give you more insights into our latest extension for our application for SharePoint event bookings in the form of a calendar view.

2nd place for TagTeam at the Constantinus Award 2021

2nd place at the Constantinus Award for our Microsoft Teams App – TagTeam

This year we were able to get the excellent 2nd place in the category Standard Software & Cloud Services with TagTeam.

Microsoft Planner and Templates Result

Microsoft Planner and Templates

We present a simple solution to map recurring tasks with Microsoft Planner and templates with Power Automate.

Adventcalendar SharePoint Store

Deploy the Smarter Adventcalendar into SharePoint Store

In this blog post, we give you insights into the extensions for our Smarter Adventcalendar in order to be able to offer it in the SharePoint Store.

Request and install apps from the SharePoint Store

This post will show you how app requests in the SharePoint Store work when app purchases are disabled for end users.

Event bookings in Microsoft Teams

Event bookings in Microsoft Teams

In this post, we'll explain how to set up our SPFx web part for event bookings in Microsoft Teams.

Operational health management with Microsoft 365

Operational health management with Microsoft 365

Implement operational company health management with Microsoft 365 easily and without much effort with Smarter Event Booking.

SharePoint Event Waiting List: All places occupied

SharePoint event waiting list for the booking application

In this article, we would like to give you more detailed insights into the implementation for a SharePoint event waiting list.

SharePoint Event Bookings: Overview of Events

New SPFx Web Part for SharePoint Event Bookings

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to our new application for event bookings. We implemented the application as an SPFx Web Part. Users have the opportunity to register for events.

SharePoint User Management: User Matrix

SharePoint user management using a new worksheet in our Excel Add-In

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to our latest extension of the application. We have added a new worksheet in Excel, which can be used for SharePoint user management.

Constantinus Award 2021 – Smarter Business is nominated

Smarter Business Solutions is nominated with TagTeam in the category "Standard Software & Cloud Services" for the Constantinus Award 2021!

SharePoint Online signature: Start workflow

Digital signature for SharePoint Online

In this article, we would like to explain to you in more detail how we have adapted our application to be able to use our solution for the digital signature in SharePoint Online.

Digitale Unterschriftposition

Specify the position for the digital signature

In this post we would like to give you more insights into setting the signature position. If you want to have the digital signatures at very specific positions in the PDF, you can now define them with our solution. The creator of a workflow can set the positions for all users in advance. If the creator does not need the exact specification of the positions, the user can set his position himself when it is his turn to sign.

Digital signature for SharePoint documents

We'll introduce you to our solution for a digital signature for a SharePoint document. It is often the case that multiple users need to take note of a document. With our new solution, we can map exactly this scenario using mobile phone signature.

SharePoint Word template: Add data using template

Centrally manage Word text modules and insert them via an Add-In

Our Office Word Add-In allows you to use predefined SharePoint Word templates to insert records into a Word document with just one click.

RSS feeds in SharePoint communication sites

RSS feed in SharePoint communication sites

We have a simple solution for you for integrating RSS feeds into SharePoint communication sites with PnP PowerShell.

SharePoint Important Messages

SharePoint Important Messages in Modern Pages

Make important messages available quickly and easily in SharePoint Modern Pages. SharePoint AppExtensions make it possible!

Customize SharePoint Navigation: Dialog

Customize SharePoint Navigation – create your own structure!

In this post, we'd like to introduce you to the configuration of our navigation for SharePoint Modern UI. For this purpose, we have developed a drag-and-drop functionality with which a tree structure of the SharePoint lists can be built.

Raffle in SharePoint and Teams: Smarter.Tombola settings

A raffle in SharePoint and Teams – this is how you set up our app

In this post, we will explain how to install the app and how to set up a raffle for SharePoint and Teams.


How can I quickly hold a virtual raffle in my company?

Find out what our app can do and how easy it is for you to hold a virtual raffle in your company by reading this post.

Guest Registration: Invite guests

Outlook Add-In for guest registration using QR codes

We have developed an application for this purpose in order to realize a simple and intuitive solution for guest registration using QR codes. In this article we would like to give you insights into the implementation of this application.

Branding of Modern Pages in SP Online

Design of Modern Pages in SP Online using CSS/JS injection

How do I change the design of Modern Pages in SP Online? We'll introduce you to a method that uses CSS/JS injection!

Microsoft Teams Christmas Party Secret Santa App

Microsoft Teams Christmas Party – How you will rock it!

With this free app, your virtual Microsoft Teams Christmas party will be a complete success. Secret Santa in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Meeting App english

Microsoft Teams Meeting Apps – So new and already in use!

Introducing a Microsoft Teams app to hold and manage exams as part of a Microsoft Teams meeting.

SharePoint Project Management: Tree structure for list selection

Configuration of SharePoint Project Management

In this article, we would like to give you an insight into the implementation of a configuration wizard. This allows customers to use our SharePoint project management easily and intuitively for their existing projects.

Advent calendar for employees

Advent calendar for employees in Office 365

Here we show you how you can quickly and easily install and use the Smarter Advent Calendar in your company.

Recurring tasks in SharePoint edit employee

Recurring tasks in SharePoint

Automatically create recurring tasks in SharePoint and assign them to people. A workflow handles the process.

Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Who doesn't enjoy small gifts? Let's show you how to embed our Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams.

Latest Version Comments in Published Library - Feedback Functionality for SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint Feedback Workflow for our Document Management System

In this article, I'll show you how the new feedback functionality works for our SharePoint Document Management System (DMS). This is an extension to our document management system for SharePoint documents.

Document management system for SharePoint: Document Cycle

Document management system for SharePoint documents

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to our application for SharePoint document management. This is an audit-proof document management system for SharePoint documents.

SharePoint Wiki Confluence Migration

SharePoint Wiki to Confluence migrate made easy

Migrations do not always have to be complicated and costly. Using simple tools, an entire SharePoint wiki can be migrated to Confluence.

Navigation as a tree structure

Navigation as a tree structure for SharePoint Modern UI

The blog post includes our solution for the navigation as a tree structure of the list and folder structure for SharePoint Modern UI.

Definition of the recurrence of the flow

Recurring tasks in Microsoft Planner with Power Automate

Here, we're offering you a solution to quickly and easily implement recurring tasks in Microsoft Planner with a SharePoint list and Microsoft Power Automate.

Florian Grasel and Matthias Dippacher after the finish at the UTMB

Fascination UTMB – Trailrunning Szene Interview with Florian Grasel

Trailrunning and UTMB just belong together - why is this so?

software development

Image Gallery in SharePoint Image Library

A customer was asked if there are other ways to display and navigate SharePoint image libraries.

SharePoint documents unknowingly checked out - List of all checked out documents

SharePoint documents unknowingly checked out?

We had one big customer where it happened again and again that users in SharePoint had unknowingly checked out documents. We have a solution for that!

Before beauty lies the ugliness

In our professional life, too, we need goals that we work towards and that make sense of our current actions. But those who work a lot also make mistakes, and I accept setbacks – both in sport and in the job – gratefully. Only through these we learn, only through mistakes we realize how we can solve our tasks better, correctly.

Planning an event with SharePoint - Nice overview of registrations and free appointments in SharePoint

Plan an event with SharePoint

Do you want to plan an event with SharePoint? Everything should be anonymous and double bookings should be excluded.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We are Microsoft Gold Partner

What's the point of Smarter Business being a Microsoft Gold Partner? Well, with this partnership you benefit from our close cooperation with Microsoft!