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Image Gallery in SharePoint Image Library

A customer was asked if there are other ways to display and navigate SharePoint image libraries.

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Office 2 SharePoint 3-6-0

Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0: Mail libraries and preview, customization to Office 365

In the following post you will find the O2S Release Notes for version 3.6.X. For more information and help on O2S, see the User's Guide.

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SharePoint documents unknowingly checked out?

One of our customers, who handles large-scale construction projects with several hundred external stakeholders, found that users in SharePoint had unknowingly checked out a lot of documents.

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Before beauty lies the ugliness

In our professional life, too, we need goals that we work towards and that make sense of our current actions. But those who work a lot also make mistakes, and I accept setbacks – both in sport and in the job – gratefully. Only through these we learn, only through mistakes we realize how we can solve our tasks better, correctly.

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