There is a new feature for our Smarter Navigation! You can now drag and drop files into document libraries or folders directly in our Smarter Navigation. In this article, we will introduce you to the new function in more detail.

Drag and drop files into SharePoint document library

If you want to upload files to a SharePoint document library or folder so far, you first had to navigate to the library and upload your files there. With our new feature, you now have the option of uploading your files directly via Smarter Navigation. To do this, select your files in your Explorer and simply drag and drop them into the desired library. We then upload all selected files to the respective library. Of course, you can upload the files not only to the library itself, but also to folders underneath. Simply drag and drop the files to the desired location.

SharePoint Drag and Drop Files

Currently, this feature is only available for libraries in the same SiteCollection.

Overwriting of existing files

If one or more files already exist in the library or folder, we will show them in a new dialog. You can then decide which files you want to overwrite. Subsequently, the selected files are then uploaded to the respective library or folder and overwritten.

SharePoint Drag and Drop Files Overwrite

We hope that with this new feature of our Smarter Navigation we can make using SharePoint even more intuitive and easier.

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