This year, Smarter Business Solutions is nominated for the Constantinus Award 2021 for the first time ever! This is Austria’s great prize for consulting, accounting and IT. Since 2003, it has been awarded annually to the best projects in the fields of management consulting, accounting and information technology.

Therefore, the 81-member Constantinus expert jury met on June 16 and nominated the best of the best from 111 projects in eight categories. 43 projects can now look forward to a nomination – including us!

Nomination in the category "Standard Software & Cloud Services"

We are particularly pleased that we are nominated for the Constantinus Award 2021 in the category “Standard Software & Cloud Services”. We are sending our latest project TagTeam into the race.

TagTeam is the first Austrian Microsoft Teams app that aims to improe daily collaboration in the company. This app offers users the ability to tag messages in Teams channels to categorize them and later find them in a flash.

The nomination shows us that we have developed a solution that is gaining popularity in the market and can fulfill the wishes of Teams users. Therefore, we are even more motivated to fulfill our mission and further improve our products.

Constantinus Award 2021 - Presentation on September 23 in Lower Austria

The Constantinus Day takes place at Laxenburg Castle in Lower Austria this year. On September 23, consultants from the fields of management consulting, accounting and IT from all over Austria will be there.

They all present their projects on the so-called “Road of Winners” – together with the Constantinus Honorary Presidency and all the department leaders. Afterwards, the ceremony of the Constantinus Award 2021 will be held to award the winners at the Constantinus Gala.