The nights get longer and colder again, the scent of freshly baked biscuits spreads in the comfortably warm room. This can only mean one thing: the Advent season is getting closer and closer with fast steps. And what can’t be missing here? Of course, an advent calendar that should shorten the waiting time for Christmas with small gifts! And let’s be honest: who is not happy about presents in times of the Corona crisis? So I want to show you how to embed our virtual Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams.

You don’t know our Advent Calendar yet? Then quickly browse in our blog series, in which we present our Smarter Advent Calendar.

Embed the Smarter Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Many companies – possibly yours too – have now switched to Microsoft Teams as a communication and collaboration tool. Others have expanded their use nationwide. But with this change, user acceptance may not initially take on the desired level. An Advent Calendar in Microsoft Teams is just the thing. Because what could be better than giving your team a little pleasure at the best time of the year!

How does the integration work?

It’s very simple, I promise. Because the integration takes less than 2 minutes.

First, you need to add and publish our Advent Calendar Web Part on a SharePoint page. In our example, this would be the AdventCalendar.aspxpage. Small side note: remember the URL to this page.

This is followed by the actual integration into Microsoft Teams.

  1. First, in Microsoft Teams, you’ll add a new tab in a channel of your choice.
  2. Then select SharePoint Pages here to create a tab for SharePoint pages.
  3. If the Advent Calendar is not listed here, click on Add page from a SharePoint Site.
  4. Finally, here you enter the URL to the SharePoint page with the Advent Calendar Web Part and click on Save.

And here is the Smarter Advent Calendar, fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and just waiting to be opened by your team!

Are you interested in our Advent Calendar or do you have questions about embedding it in Microsoft Teams? Then contact us today!