In June of this year, we reported on the nomination of our Microsoft Teams app TagTeam for the Constantinus Award 2021. This is Austria’s great prize for consulting, accounting and IT. Since 2003, it has been awarded annually to the best projects in the fields of management consulting, accounting and information technology. This year we were able to achieve the excellent 2nd place in the category Standard Software & Cloud Services with TagTeam.

The competition, initiated by the Association of Management Consulting, Accounting and Information Technology (UBIT) at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, took place on 23 September. 111 projects took part in eight evaluation categories.

2nd place in the category "Standard Software & Cloud Services" for the first Austrian Microsoft Teams app

The 2nd place and the popularity of our products on the market in recent months shows us that we are on the right track. The transformation from individual development to a product company can work. Even since the nomination, we have not rested on our laurels, but have continued to realize our vision. We have

  • within one month of the project idea our finished product Smarter Event Booking published in the Microsoft Store.
  • our tree navigation, which we have been successfully using for many of our customer projects for years, has been transformed into the Smarter Navigation product.
  • developed our Smart Advent Calendar for more user acceptance for SharePoint and are about to be released in the Microsoft Store.
Many thanks to Mag. Erwin Kraxner (right) and Gernot Zangl (middle) from ÖBB, who represented us as customers at the award ceremony.

If you do what you love...

… with those you love, you are always a winner. With this motto, Florian Grasel motivates himself and his team every day anew.

It is a pleasure for us to try out new technologies and develop Microsoft Teams and SharePoint apps. We are convinced that we support our customers in their work with Microsoft 365 SharePoint and Teams.

Florian Grasel at the finish line of the Großglockner Ultratrail
Florian Grasel: "If you do what you love, with those you love, you are always a winner" - this applies to him not only in trail running but also in his company. (Issue Running & Fitness 3/2021)