Events are held in companies time and again. These include, for example, training days for the individual development of various skills, workshops, or joint excursions. In addition, there are also health days, the aim of which is to test different factors of physical and mental health. Thus, such events make the participants aware of concrete health risk factors. This article will introduce you to the solution for implementing operational health management with Microsoft 365. With our Smarter Event Booking tool, you can do the planning as easy as possible and users can register with just one click.

Operational health management with Microsoft 365

Register to the operational health management with Microsoft 365

The requirements are as follows: you want to organize a health check-up in your company. You want to plan and manage this event with SharePoint. Every SharePoint user should be able to log in anonymously and double bookings on the same date should be excluded.

With our Smarter Event Booking, all this can be implemented wonderfully. This allows you to create the event with time slots and your employees can register in a dedicated area in your SharePoint intranet. Double bookings and registration chaos are therefore clearly a thing of the past and nothing stands in the way of organizing operational health management with Microsoft 365.

Benefits of Smarter Event Booking

Here are some features of Smarter Event Booking that will help you implement operational health management with Microsoft 365.

  • You can choose whether the names of the registered users are visible to others or whether the tool only displays the time slots as occupied.
  • After registration, the user can receive a personalized e-mail as registration confirmation.
  • Due to Smarter Event Booking, double bookings or too many participants on the dates are no longer possible.
  • You have the option of activating a waiting list with automatic move-up for appointments that are already fully booked.

Did we spark your interest and would you like to receive more information about our Smarter Event Booking tool or how you can implement operational health management with Microsoft 365? Then feel free to contact us or visit Smarter Event Booking.