RSS feeds have become indispensable and an effective tool for informing the target audience about relevant news. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many SharePoint users also want to include an RSS feed on their pages. This is not difficult for group-enabled team sites on modern pages. Because there is an RSS viewer web part, which is very easy to use. The situation is different with communication sites, which are still missing such a feature. But don’t worry! We have the solution on how to integrate an RSS feed into SharePoint communication sites.

RSS feeds in SharePoint communication sites

Integrate RSS feeds into SharePoint communication sites with PowerShell

The original request for this came from one of our customers, who bought a personalized press review from the Austria Press Agency. This provides the customer with a link with an RSS feed tailored to their needs. As with the team site web part, the link that contains the RSS feed is processed so that the news it contains is displayed as SharePoint news on the home page.

We were (and still are) very surprised that Microsoft has not yet introduced a standard feature here. But that’s what Smarter Business Solutions is here for! 😀

Another major advantage of our solution is that the customer my moderate the news, and in this case also the selection of the APA, via an approval workflow. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the RSS web part, as all posts in the feed are displayed unfiltered.

Embed RSS feed in SharePoint as news on communication site

Our solution has already proven itself in many companies. The best part is that we help you configure and customize the solution so that it is perfectly suited to your needs.

So don’t hesitate any longer and give your business a head start. With our solution for publishing an RSS feed on SharePoint communication websites as news, you will always be up to date!

RSS feeds in SharePoint communication sites: integrated RSS feed

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