The following discusses the key differences between Microsoft lists and SharePoint lists and application fields.

What is the new List feature?

Microsoft summarizes this with “Track information. Organize work. Get things done”

Available via the well-known App Launcher in O365 are Microsoft Lists as the name suggests are basically once lists – similar to the SharePoint lists.
Be it for organizational or informal exchange, task tracking or for joint collaboration.

The setup is based on a SharePoint list and has four possible views: list, table shape similar to Excel, gallery, and calendar. The right display for many application areas.

List views

Microsoft Lists vs. SharePoint Lists – Differences & Applications?

As mentioned earlier, the new Microsoft lists are relatively similar to the already known SP lists, but with some extensions and customizations.
Maybe a bit like the old Outlook task list.

While lists in SP are always associated with a Web, Microsoft lists are more flexible or more cross-organizational.

Admittedly, it is also possible to create your own “organization web” with the most diverse lists for different areas and applications. But in terms of collaboration and customizing, Microsoft lists go one step further.

While SharePoint lists are more for data, Microsoft lists also include a certain social interaction aspect.
For example, integration with teams, and the ability to leave comments on an item. The interface also offers more collaboration possibilities.
For example, the missing link that does not exist in the SharePoint Lists Integration with Teams.

Timeline, Global Availability, and Integration

    • Starting at the end of June, the Microsoft Lists feature will be rolled out in the European Area on a trial basis.
    • With August, the official launch date is given
    • The lists are integrated as a standalone app in O365 and in both Teams and SharePoint.
    • In addition, there are also new connectors in Power Automate Flow

Further details on Microsoft Lists here.

In addition, Microsoft provides a Youtube product demo.

Weiters findet ihr hier auch einen weiteren Beitrag, wie wir Lists intern bei uns verwenden!