Often, organizations need to collect the data of visitors or external employees who attend meetings. Especially in times of crisis such as these, it is of great importance to know when and who was in the company’s building. We have developed an application for this purpose in order to realize a simple and intuitive solution for guest registration using QR codes. In this article we would like to give you insights into the implementation of this application.

Guest Registration: Invite guests

Guest registration using Outlook Add-In

There are already some free solutions on the market (e.g. PowerApps). However, these approaches always involve an additional effort for the meeting organizer. That’s why we decided to implement the application with an Outlook Add-In. With this approach, we offer a solution that integrates fully with the process of invitation via Outlook. And the organizer doesn’t have to think about switching to another application, like PowerApps or calling a SharePoint url. There is no additional work or a source of error!
The application includes two different screens. The first screen is relevant for the organizer of the meeting and the second screen is relevant for the company’s porter.

Screen for QR code creation and sending e-mails

The meeting organizer has the possibility to open our application for guest registration via the ribbon button “Invite guests”. A list of all participants in the meeting is displayed. We automatically generate the QR codes for each participant and display them in the list. The organizer can then send the generated QR codes to individual participants or to all participants by e-mail.

The QR codes contain the data of the participants from the Outlook contacts. The company can decide here which information is relevant. This includes e.g. phone number, e-mail address, company name or similar. If certain data is missing, the organizer has the possibility to add or edit the data in the Outlook contacts. We open a form where they can customize the participant’s data.

Gästeregistrierung: Outlook-Kontakte bearbeiten

Screen for QR code scan for guest registration

If the porter wants to collect the data of a new participant, he must create a new event as a first step in the related calendar. Then he has the option to open our application via the ribbon button “Scan QR code”. This leads him to the screen, where he can scan a QR code via his camera.

Gästeregistrierung: Gäste registrieren

We read the participant’s data from the QR code and take it into the new event.

Leaving of guest

If a guest leaves the building, the porter must re-scan the guest’s QR code. This changes the end time of the previously created appointment for the guest. As a result, there is an overall overview in Outlook of which guest were in the building and when.

Gästeregistrierung: Übersicht aller Besucher

In order to use our application for guest registration even more intuitively and easily, we have revised our solution again. We give you insights into the revision of the solution for guest registrationin our new blog post.

If you are interested or want a demo of our Smarter Visitor Registration – then feel free to contact us.

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