The Christmas season is approaching us with hurried steps. That’s why I’m sure many of you still like to host a company Christmas party. However, since it is still wise to refrain from too many personal contacts and prefer to stay in the home office in the current situation, many Christmas parties are canceled again this year. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Gather in Teams, toast virtually with mulled wine and join in the excitement of the raffle for hot prizes. Our new Free Tickets mode for Smarter Raffle makes it possible to increase social interaction on the intranet.

Increase social interaction on the intranet - Receive and give away free tickets

Say thank you in a special way and increase interaction on the intranet

A customer drew our attention to a pretty cool feature and we implemented it right away. This gives our raffle app a new mode. In addition to buying the raffle tickets, there is now also the option for each employee to claim a free raffle ticket. In addition, each employee can give a ticket to a colleague. Thus, everyone in the company can express his/her appreciation to everyone in the company with a few nice words. There is hardly an easier way to increase the social interaction between colleagues on the intranet!

Increase social interaction on the intranet - Give away free tickets and say thank you in your own words

New feature: Claim and give away free tickets

In the web part settings, it is now possible for administrators to set the Free Tickets mode via a selection. This makes 2 new actions possible. First, every user now has the opportunity to get a free ticket. Secondly, raffle tickets can now be given away to colleagues, including a few kind words sent by e-mail.

Increase social interaction on the intranet - Enable Free Tickets mode in the web part settings

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