Use case: For example, you received an email about a task and would like to drag and drop it to the task in SharePoint as an attachment so that your colleagues also have access to the current status and information? But gladly:

Use Office 2 SharePoint directly from Outlook to open your task list in the Workspace window and drag the email to the corresponding list item in the window with the mouse button pressed. As soon as you release, the email will be uploaded to the item. The edit shape of the element opens and you can add a small comment, for example. Save completes the process. A paper clip appears in the list with the corresponding item. This means that everyone can see that there are other files stored here.

Drag Drop Mail directly from Outlook to a SharePoint item as an attachment

In the background, the document is added as an attachment in SharePoint

Ok, that was easy now. Maybe you don’t want to upload the whole mail. Actually I only need the pdf in the appendix, everything else is unimportant, do you think? But you have to stupidly cache the file before you can upload it somewhere… Nope not necessary – with our O2S goes the “simple, fast & easy”:

Simply drag and drop the attachment into the SharePoint Workspace window onto the corresponding list item. The file is uploaded – who likes, can still edit details – Save – Done.

Mail attachments via drag and drop directly to SharePoint list items

View the anenge of a SharePoint item directly in Outlook

If attachments are no longer needed, or you have in a hurry uploaded the file to an incorrect list item, you can also delete it. In the open list item, you click Delete next to the corresponding file, then click Save and everything is good again.

The most beautiful solutions are simple and simple, or as we say: Smarter is beautiful. 😀

Of course, you can try our O2S for free. Click here to download.

More fun working with SharePoint


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