Our Smarter Event Booking Tool is finally in AppSource! But a very important question clouded the initial euphoria about the smooth validation process. How do you actually install the thing now? We explain how requesting apps in the SharePoint Store works when app purchases are disabled for end users.

Check app purchases for end users in Store settings

To find out if app purchases are disabled in your tenant, click More features in the SharePoint admin center and the Open button under Apps:

Click Configure Store Settings here and you’ll see these options:

App purchases are disabled if No is selected in the first option.

Now, when a site owner wants to add an app for the SharePoint site, they can browse the SharePoint Store. However, when they click on the app, they see Request instead of the Addoption:

Instructions for requesting apps in the SharePoint Store

Once the site owner clicks on Request, they must specify the licensing options and an optional field for a request reason. Once the site owner submits the request, it will appear in the App Requests List of the App Catalog:

From here, the App Catalog administrators can approve or reject app requests. When an administrator changes the status to Approved, the app catalog administrator must go back to the SharePoint Store and purchase the app. This is done by clicking the link next to View app details in the app request entry:

Once this is done, the site owner can review the list of Your Requests and see the status of their request. After the app is purchased and approved, it appears in the Apps you can add list.


Please go to Active sites in the SharePoint Administration and check whether your user appears among the site administrators of the app catalog site collection.

The further procedure is generally specified by your IT department or by the SharePoint administration in your company. We cannot influence this. In general, a SharePoint administrator must approve the app request. Please contact your SharePoint administrators or to your IT helpdesk about this.

Even if you’re a SharePoint admin and you have site collection administrator rights for the app catalog, the first click in the SharePoint Store is to request the app. You’ll then need to go further into the app requests and approve your request yourself.

However, this does not apply if you are on the site collection of the app catalog and want to add the app from the SharePoint Store from there. Here you can add the app as an administrator without any request procedure. After clicking on Add, a dialog opens informing you about the app permissions and access to data. Finally, after further confirmation, the app is added to the app catalog.

Did we spark your interest and would you like to receive more information on our apps for SharePoint and Teams or the above-described request for apps in the SharePoint Store? Then feel free to contact us!