We have already presented our idea for a guest registration using QR codes in a previous article. In order to use the application even more intuitively and easily, we have revised our solution again. The application, which allows companies to register their guests in Outlook when they receive them, now consists of an Outlook Add-In and a web application. In this post, we would like to give you more details about the revision of our solution for guest registration.

Send QR Code via Outlook Addin

We have revised our Outlook Add-In for the creation of the QR code to make the application even easier. An organizer now has the option of adding a QR code via a ribbon button when creating a meeting. This QR code contains the ID of the created appointment and the participants can use it to register in Outlook when they arrive at the reception.

Register Outlook Reception: Add QR Code

The QR code is sent directly in the appointment invitation. This saves the organizer from having to send the QR code in a separate e-mail.

Web application for checking in and out of a guest

We have now developed a web application for checking in and out of a guest. Companies can provide a device (e.B. a tablet) on which the web application runs. This allows guests to check in and out independently via the device.

Register a guest

A guest now has two options to register upon arrival. The first and easiest way is to scan the QR code that he received in the appointment invitation. If a guest scans his QR code, we create a new entry for him in the calendar via the Graph API. The guest is then registered.

The end time of the appointment is initially set to the end of the day (23:59). When the guest checks out, we update the end time to the correct time.

If a participant has not received a QR code in advance, he can also register manually via a form.

Outlook Empfang registrieren: Manuelle Registrierung

After a guest has registered (via QR code or manually), we send him a new QR code by e-mail, which he can use for checking out.

Check-out via QR code

If a guest leaves the building, he can check out with the previously received QR code. To do this, he simply scans the QR code again with the tablet at reception. We then get the corresponding appointment via the ID from the QR code and update the end time of the appointment. The guest is now checked out.

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