We have already introduced you to our application for guest registration in previous posts. You can use it to check guests in and out into Outlook in a simple and intuitive way. This gives you a good overview of which people were in the company at what time. Due to the current corona situation, this is of course more important than ever. In this post, we would like to introduce you to our latest extension. A guest can now also scan his 3G proof during check-in.

Guest registration including 3G proof

If a guest comes to the company, he has to register at the reception. With our latest extension, the guest has the opportunity to scan his 3G proof right at the time of registration. If this is valid, we save that this guest has a valid 3G proof during registration.

Guest registration including 3G proof

This saves tedious checks of the 3G proof of the guests. However, companies can decide whether entering guests’ 3G proof should be mandatory or optional. If a company configures the input of the 3G proof as an optional step, the guest has the option to simply skip the last step. The guest is then checked in into Outlook without 3G proof.

Gästeregistrierung inklusive 3G Nachweis: Überspringen

When the corona crisis is over (hopefully soon), you can of course completely deactivate the last step to enter the 3G proof and the guest can check in normally without 3G proof.

3G at work

Due to the 3G rule at work in Austria and Germany, we have developed our Smarter 3G application in addition to guest registration. This is used to record and control the 3G proofs of the company’s own employees. Employees can use it to register their 3G proof themselves and do not have to be checked by superiors. You can reach our portal under sicher-am-arbeitsplatz.at for Austrian companies and sicher-zur-arbeit.de for German companies.

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