Smarter 3G (obsolete)

Because safety doesn't have to be cumbersome.

Current note: Since the 3G proof is currently no longer necessary, we have discontinued the operation of the platform. But since we are very proud of the fast implementation of the product and we were able to provide countless customers with added value at short notice, we would like to keep this page active as a reference. If you have requirements in the area of Azure development and hosting, multi-tenant capability, B2B authentication, GDPR-compliant storage of data, then we would be happy about your request.

Smarter 3G is the perfect software support for compliance and implementation of the 3G rule at the workplace in Austrian and German companies. Via an online portal, employees can independently register and manage their COVID status in compliance with the GDPR.

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Autonomous registration by employees

  • Automatic registration by scanning the QR codes of the Green Pass, as well as the negative test results.
  • Manual registration of the vaccination certificate or verification of a negative test result.
Smarter 3G QR-Code-Scan

Simple and GDPR-compliant documentation of the 3G rule at the workplace

With Smarter 3G, employees can manage their COVID status autonomously and thus GDPR-compliantly by scanning the Green Pass or by registering manually. They decide which data the company is allowed to view and how long it should be stored. Thus, any employee can withdraw his or her consent to the storage of data for the purpose of verifying the 3G rule at the workplace at any time.

Software for checking all legally relevant information with Smarter 3G

The company can get legally relevant information about all employees at a glance. In the event of a 3G rule audit, the company can provide verification of compliance using our software.

When an employee’s negative COVID verification has expired, the company can notify the employee with the click of a button and request a new valid verification.

3G Rule at the Workplace - Software for Verification for Companies
Smarter 3G Terminal Mode - Verification for employees without a user account

Terminal mode for reception and employees without own hardware or user account

With Smarter 3G, employees can also provide verification without their own hardware or user account. To do this, simply lay out a tablet at the entrance to the workplace and the employee can provide verification by:

  • scanning the Green Pass (here the name is already included in the QR code).
  • or by manually entering and uploading a verification.


License prices for Smarter 3G are staggered according to the number of monthly users.


€ 5,- pro Benutzer pro Monat
  • bis 50 Benutzer


€ 4,- pro Benutzer pro Monat
  • 50 - 200 Benutzer


€ 3,50 pro Benutzer pro Monat
  • 200 - 500 Benutzer


- Angebot auf Anfrage
  • ab 501 Benutzer


As of Nov. 1, 2021 (transition period until Nov. 14), employees, owners, and operators may enter such work locations (where physical contact with other persons cannot be ruled out) only if they have a 3G verification.

The 3G verification is a prerequisite for entering the workplace. Both employers and employees are responsible for complying with the 3G rule at the workplace.

  • Employees must keep the 3G verification ready for the duration of their stay at the workplace and present it in the event of an inspection.
  • The owner of the business premises or place of work has a duty to control. However, no continuous control in the sense of admission control is required.

According to the law, employees are not allowed to enter the company without a valid 3G verification and the employer is obliged to carry out at least random checks. The employer must also provide evidence of this control in the event of an inspection by the health authority.

We racked our brains as to what this might look like in practice. Does the employer set aside 2 workers in front of the company and then they have to check 10 – 80% of the coming employees from 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM in the morning with the Greencheck app? And log that handwritten or in Excel? Can this work in practice?

This is where the idea for Smarter 3G came from. Smarter 3G is a self-registration portal with which employees themselves can proactively provide the 3G verification to the employer. Employees can decide for themselves whether and for how long the employer can view the data. Thus, the employer should meet all legal requirements as a controlling body:

  • he or she provides the employees with a portal and can control the use on a random or full basis (control obligation)
  • Employees decide for themselves whether and how to use it and can also revoke their consent to the storage of the data. (GDPR compliant)

This helps both the employer (duty to control) and the employee (duty to identify – see also penalties and refusal).

For employees, administrative fines can be up to 500 euros, for employers up to 3,600 euros.

The employer may not deduct the penalty from wages or salaries because it is an administrative penalty, i.e. it is passed on to the authorities.

In our opinion, the situation must be clearly communicated within the company: The employer must send those employees home who are found without any 3G verification. And this also applies if employees have forgotten their private cell phone with the Green Pass app at home! Otherwise, see above – it can lead to PENALTIES for both parties!

If work from home or “home-office” has not been agreed upon, there is a risk of loss of wages or salaries in the period until 3G is verified by the employee.

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