Smarter Tombola Help and Support

Smarter Tombola is the highlight of your next virtual event. Increase the fun factor and traffic on your Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet. Sell winning tickets to your colleagues and raffle off great prizes.

Getting Started with Smarter Tombola

Installing the app

To use the Smarter Tombola SPFx web part, the app must be added to the tenant’s app catalog. Learn how to request and install apps from the SharePoint Store. After that, you can add the app to your site collection via Add an app. Learn how to add apps to a website.

Now the Smarter Tombola SPFx web part can be added to any SharePoint page.

Configuration through web part settings

Setting the permissions

Admins (editors) of the Smarter Tombola can manage and start raffles. To do this, the administrators (editors) must first be selected and authorized from groups and/or users in the web part settings. This gives them access to the raffle and necessary SharePoint lists.

As with the admins, you can also enter the names of the groups/users who should be able to participate in the raffle. Participants can buy tickets and thus participate in the prize drawing (see below).

Color settings

Here the design of the ticket can be changed. With the DarkMode switch, you can set whether the font color is dark or light. Depending on the background color of the Ticket, the font remains legible. With the color picker, you can choose the background color of the ticket.

Email notification settings

Here you can compose email templates with HTML. These are the emails that participants receive after they

  • have purchased tickets. Here you can use the placeholder variable [tickets] to display the purchased ticket numbers in the email.
  • have won a draw. Here you can use the placeholder variable [ticket] to display the winning ticket number in the email.

Purchase of tickets

Users with appropriate permissions can purchase tickets with Smarter Tombola. To do this, they need to click on the ticket. A maximum of 20 tickets can be purchased at once.

After purchasing tickets, the user will be shown the purchased tickets numbers. If specified in the web part settings, the user also receives an email.

Drawing of winning tickets in Prize Draw mode (Pro version only)

If an administrator (editor) switches to Prize Draw mode via the switch at the top of the menu, they can start the raffle. Here you can also see the winners of the last draws. By clicking on “Start Prize Draw”, a random winner will be drawn from all tickets with a tension-building animation.


In our app there are no automatic payments made through payment service providers. You have to define the ticket prices and payment processing (e.g. via IBAN) yourself.

Your creativity is needed here! Use the possibilities of the editing mode for pages and simply add a text web part, an image web part, or even a Hero web part left, right, top or bottom and describe the prizes there.

Help and support

If you need help or more information about Smarter Tombola, please contact us or email