Smarter Navigation Help and Support

Smarter Navigation is THE solution for navigations in SharePoint Modern UI and helps you map the hierarchical structure of lists, libraries, and folders of your webs.

Smarter Navigation

Getting Started with Smarter Navigation

Installing the app

To use the Smarter Navigation app, the app must be added to the tenant’s app catalog. Learn how to request and install apps from the SharePoint Store. After that, you can add the app to your site collection via Add an app. Learn how to add apps to a website.

Create and edit the navigation

Click Edit below the vertical navigation to customize the navigation.

Here you can drag and drop all existing lists and libraries from the left pane to the right pane. You can also drag all the elements on top of each other. You can delete navigation elements by dragging them back to the left pane. Note: this will also delete all the navigation elements underneath. This allows you to intuitively create nested navigations.

By clicking + Add Link or Placeholder, you can expand your navigation with links and headings for a better overview.

Smarter Navigation - Create a Multi-Level SharePoint Navigation

Configuration via the settings

In the settings you can choose as an administrator,

  • whether it should be possible to search for folders,
  • whether users should be able to set favorites for quick access,
  • whether to restore the old navigation (before installing Smarter Navigation).

Folder search and favorites

Search for folder names using a search box above the navigation pane. Smarter Navigation queries all existing folders in each list via the SharePoint API and checks whether a folder exists with the name you entered. If a suitable folder is found, all lists and folders above it are expanded and the folder is selected in the navigation.

Smarter Navigation also includes a section for your favorites. Add lists or folders to your favorites to access them with just one click.

Smarter Navigation - Find folders in a few seconds
Smarter Navigation - Create Custom Favorites

Help and support

If you need help or more information about Smarter Navigation, please contact us or email