Generated by constant SharePoint notifications about indechinese topics?But too interested to disable them?

... this could be the solution ;)

Since the shutdown of Skype, we’ve almost exclusively used teams to communicate. However, this also provides some other nice advantages and features for collaboration. Among other things, channels and own teams webs for better project demarcation.

If you now work with other colleagues in such a project, it is of course advantageous to keep up to date with the shared documents.
So what are the options?

  • Daily check the common library?
  • To agree with colleagues on each new file to leave a note on this?
  • To put notifications on the library so you don’t miss anything?

It doesn’t sound really appealing or practical now.

That’s why we took a different approach – The Outlook O2S Addin, Teams & Flow!

MS Flow is known to provide a mass of interfaces for various systems. Among other things, for SharePoint and teams.
Some brainstormed read into the matter and found a newly perfect solution!

A flow that posts a status message directly from Outlook to the Teams library when uploading a mail and mentions various members in the channel :)

The implementation is relatively easy and very fast to recreate using the Flow Teams action “Post message as flowbot in a channel”.
How did this happen?

1) The trigger is a created file (mail) in a SharePoint library. This is uploaded via Outlook and O2S.
2) In the flow, check whether a mail has been created (file extension .msg)
3) Read the mail fields filled with O2S, such as the sender and subject, in the library and thus create a corresponding message in the channel.

The result in the channel for new emails:

This was just a basic version or proof-of-concept, if you like.
Of course, there would be the possibility to make further adjustments in various directions, although of course we would also be happy to help.

In addition, other new features in our product O2S for Outlook are planned to make daily office life a little easier 🙂