Solutions to the most common problems with Smarter Event Booking

We’re glad you’re using our Smarter Event Booking! Sometimes there may be minor problems. In order to be able to offer you help as quickly as possible, we have created a list of the most common errors on this page, where we explain possible causes and offer solutions for them. If your problem does not appear here, please feel free to contact us. We will try to help you quickly and find a solution to your problem.


When the application is loaded, an attempt is made to load the required SharePoint lists for the events and event dates. If these can’t be loaded, either they don’t exist or the user doesn’t have permissions to them.

  1. If the SharePoint lists do not exist :
    Our app tries to create the lists automatically. Of course, this only works if the user has the permissions to create lists. Therefore, an administrator (or a user with permissions to create lists) must call the app for the first time so that all necessary lists can be created. These are hidden SharePoint lists, which you can only access directly via the URL (see next question).
  2. If there are no permissions on the SharePoint lists :
    An administrator can configure the permissions on the lists via the web part settings under the “Permissions” tab. Admin rights and participant rights can be assigned there. Enter all users and groups who should be able to use the app in the participant rights.

Our lists for the events and event dates are hidden SharePoint lists and can therefore only be accessed directly via the URL.

  • List for events: <site-url>/Lists/RXZlbnRz
  • List of event dates: <site-url>/Lists/RXZlbnRUZXJtaW5l

When the application is loaded, the required SharePoint lists are loaded. It is checked whether all necessary fields are available. If fields are missing, an automatic attempt is made to create them. Of course, this only works with existing permissions to create fields. Therefore, it is important that an administrator (or a user with permissions to create fields) loads the app once so that all necessary fields can be created.

When the application is loaded, an attempt is made to load all events and the corresponding event dates. This can lead to the above-mentioned error if the data in the SharePoint lists is incorrect. This can be due to different reasons:

  • An event date no longer has a reference to an event. Every event date needs a correct reference to an existing event.
  • The lookup column “Event” in the list for the event dates has referenced an incorrect list. Our list for the events has to be referenced (this is also how it is configured when the list is created for the first time). If another list has been referenced here, it is best to delete the column from the list and reload our app (as administrator) once – the missing columns will be created again.
  • The waiting list of an event date was manually changed in the background in the SharePoint list and was saved incorrectly, so that it no longer has a correct JSON format (e.g. if a bracket is missing, etc.). It is best never to change the fields in the background, but always via the app itself. Administrators have their own functionality in the app to edit the waiting list.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any filtering functionality – so all current events in a site collection are displayed. Currently, the only option would be to move such individual registry topics to another site collection.

Unfortunately, this feature has not yet been implemented. We’ve added the feature to our wishlist! We will keep you informed about this. Of course, you are also welcome to ask at any time if we already have an approximate schedule for this new feature.