Over the last few months, we’ve focused on giving you a much better experience with Office 2 SharePoint. New features for mail libraries, an improved look and feel according to Office 365, and much more are waiting for you. With Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0, you’ll love SharePoint even more.

It is important to mention that an automatic update to 3.6.0 is not possible if you have already installed a version smaller than 3.6.0.

Mail Libraries in Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0

We have developed a new solution that allows you to read all the information about emails directly from the client via Outlook. This allows you to set the fields that you want to map from Outlook to SharePoint with the configuration file.

In addition, you can now expand a SharePoint document library to a mail library directly in Office 2 SharePoint. Office 2 SharePoint automatically creates all fields defined in the configuration file with Generate=”True”.

For more information about these features, see the Administrator documentation.

Mail Preview in Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0

When you upload an email, Office 2 SharePoint now generates a preview of that email and places it in the hidden Forms\Preview folder.

One installer for everything

Prior to version 3.6.0, there were the two installers SharePoint Explorer and Office 2 SharePoint. Both had to be executed consecutively. We fully understand that this is not very user-friendly. Therefore, we have now merged both into one installer.

Caution: For this reason, you cannot make an automatic update to 3.6.0 for versions smaller than 3.6.0. You must uninstall Office 2 SharePoint completely beforehand and then install the new version 3.6.0.

New user interface in Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0

We’ve redesigned the entire Office 2 SharePoint user interface. We have largely adapted the navigation and presentation of the content in the workspace window to the new Office 365 user interface.

Performance improvements

Due to the threshold in Office 365, you could not load large document libraries. We have changed the loading of folders from CAML-Query to CSOM.

We’ve also dramatically improved the load time of lists by caching the icons on the client by Office 2 SharePoint.

Web browser implementation completely revised

Until now, content areas such as the New/Edit forms were simply “cut off”. However, this caused some problems with updates to Office 365 or custom adjustments to the master page. For example, in Office 365 all notifications are loaded from Exchange. The result was an unsatisfactory, mediocre performance. We’ve completely reworked this now, and Office 2 SharePoint only works with the SharePoint IsDlg parameter.

You benefit from a significant performance increase, the correct use of Internet Explorer settings, and the absence of JavaScript error messages.

Viewing lists with restricted read permissions

Office 2 SharePoint now also displays lists with restricted read permissions in the navigation.

Note: If you see more lists than you might think, it’s because of the inheritance of restricted read permissions on lists where inheritance hasn’t been broken yet.

Uploading an email to Office 2 SharePoint 3.6.0

Office 2 SharePoint automatically fills the item’s title with the subject of the email when you upload an email to a normal list.

Grouped views

When you open a grouped view, it remains open after you create/edit an item and reload the view.

Name suggestions for navigation points

If you save a navigation point to your own navigation group, Office 2 SharePoint now automatically suggests the text of the navigation point, including the web name as the title. For folders, it suggests the web name + list name.

For example, for the XY folder in the Documents list on the Web ProjectX, the suggested title is XY-ProjectX-Documents.

Bug fixes

  • Links such as attachments for list items are now interpreted and opened correctly by Office 2 SharePoint .
  • We fixed an issue of previous versions, where Office 2 SharePoint was partially unable to display the Task View correctly in Outlook.
  • We also fixed that icons in list views (e.g. file icons) were sometimes not displayed correctly at high resolution.
  • In addition, we have added some missing translations.

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